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Sometimes, the simplest one is more versatile. For example, instead of applying sophisticated figures on your nails, why don’t you try one color that could enhances your styles. Blue Nails polish is one of the most favorite shade these days in fact, blue nails is associated with edginess and high class style. We can see lot of corporate executives decides to apply nail designs.

There are many different shades of blue nails options that you can choose such as: bright blues and light pastel blue which is a soft color for calm look. It’s a perfect choice for spring time. You can see below different Cute acrylic nails shades.

Blue nails also great choice to wear it every day. Generally, medium blues are flattering on most people. But, keep in mind to choose polish color that match with your skin tone. For cooler skin, we recommend any type of blue however for warm or olive skin tone, a more yellow-based blue would be the best option. Or do you want to more grab the attention? Get metallic blues!

Need more bling? Then you should blue glitter polish which is very popular among teens. I’m sure it will do the job to stand out of the crowd.

We have discussed in our earlier post that crackle nail polish is one of the latest art effects on nail. There is nothing difficult in it, the crackle nail polish effect is achieved by applying the crackle polish product over the regular or base nail polish. Since the procedure is very simple, why don’t you do it by yourself instead of go to fancy nail salon.

How To Use Crackle Nail Polish Tips

The first step is to choose one of brand. There are several companies that offering crackle nail polish line such as Sally Hansen Crackle Polis, Mia Secret Crackle Nail Polish, OPI, China Glaze, etc. You need to do some experiments to find out which one that works best on you.

You maybe wondering how does crackle nail polish work?

It’s not a rocket science, so there is nothing big secret in it. The polish is specially made so that they dries unevenly on your nails. The thickness of the polish affecting the amount of cracking. It’s better to apply top coat after the crackle nail polish completely dry to preserve the polish and give shiny effect.

I hope some tips above can answer your question on How To Use Crackle Nail Polish so you don’t need to go to nail salon and save your money.

Here are some crackle nail polish pictures in different color.

Ridges In Fingernails Types

Ridges in fingernails types can be used for early diagnosis to find out a person’s health condition. Ridges in fingernails can be caused by many factors. We have discussed different causes of fingernails ridges. One important thing to understand is that the vertical ridges are less harmful than horizontal ones.

Below, there are various ridges in fingernails types.

Muehrcke’s Line are white lines that run transverse the nail. It’s parallel with the nail’s lunula. This type of ridges line because of impaired protein synthesis in one’s system. It’s most common in patients undergoing chemotherapy or those suffering thyroid disorder.

Terry’s Nails

The nails appear to be white in color with no lunula due to liver failure, hyperthyroidism, diabetes mellitus, malnutrition, and congestive heart failure.

Mees’ Line
It is white bands that run across the width of the fingernail. They which is move as the nail grows. This ridges in fingernails is because of kidney problems.

Beau’s Line

It’s appear as deep grooves. Commonly, it’s harmless because it is a part of the aging process.

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